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09 March 2010 @ 01:22 am
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23 February 2010 @ 07:17 pm
Things with me and Quinton are all savvy now. He came over Wednesday afternoon to get all his stuff back (basicly, his PSP + games, and a shirt I stole) and wouldnt leave until we talked things out. We didnt get very far with the talking. At the start, he stood at my door staring at the floor while I demanded an explanation and eventually gave up cause he wasnt saying anything. So I ended up sitting on my bed, pointed to his stuff and telling him to leave.

He walked out, I thought he'd left, but he ended up dropping everything by the door and sitting on my floor for half an hour because he refused to leave things in a mess. I ended up getting a proper explanation, he asked what I wanted, I asked what he wanted, and he left.
I said I wanted to stay with him, he said he had to think and he'd text me when he'd finished.

Thursday, no word from him, Friday I had to work. Friday night I texted Chloe while feeling pathetic asking if she could get me drunk the next night, which indeed she did. I ended up drinking two Smirnoff Black Ice's in an hour, eating a huge plate of home made lasagne, and then being invited to a small party. I was already feeling alittle woozy from the Black Ice, and then we had to walk twenty minutes from Chloe's sister's boyfriend's house to the party. At the party, I played a really shotty game of Pool which I cant remember if I won or not, and not drinking anything until Chloe decided to tell the boys at the party about my plans for the night and they all decided to pitch in.

I ended up being given a Chilli shot, followed by a glass of vodka and juice, and another, and another. By the end of the second vodka and juice I was having trouble seeing anything other then a blur so I only had about a third of the last juice before I was having trouble standing and we decided to go home. It was a good night. Didnt wake up with a hang over or puking or anything thanks to Chloe.

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17 February 2010 @ 03:15 pm
Hello even shittier week then the last.

Now, lastweek was a pritty shitty week cause I'd been given hardly any work, and Quinton went to Perth for the weekend.

This week is absolutly shit because while Quinton was in Perth, we didnt talk at all. He called me the night he left, he called me the next night, and he said he would call the night after that but didnt. I thought that was a little weird, but he told me the day before that he was going clubbing with his older brother, so I thought he must have forgotten or something.
I didnt text him during the day because I knew he would be busy and I didnt want to intrude, and thought he would text me when he wasnt busy but obviously I was wrong.

Now he's mad at me because he thinks that since I didnt text him, I dont care about him, which is compleatly backwards because I care about him so much I was letting him have space! So now he wont talk to me and "thinks we should have a break."


I dont know what I'm supossed to do. I've never been very good with pause's in relationships, or breakups. Do I talk to him? I want to talk to him, but he doesnt reply to my texts. I dont know what to say in texts anyway, because I'm nervous I might set him off. If I dont talk to him, he might get even more angry because that's how this whole thing started.

So I'm stuck. I went to Chloe's lastnight quite upset because he had been asking me what I wanted out of the relationship, and then not replying to what I said. Chris went to see Quinton, as a boys night I guess, and Quinton texted my lastnight about the break. I asked Chris this morning if he knew why Quinton was acting this way, but he didnt know anything. He didnt even know that Quinton wanted a break. He told me "Last night he did say he was shitty at you cause you didnt text him all weekend but I didnt know it was as serious as a break."
News to us all mate.

So, last night, I came to a decision that I'm going to dye my hair dark brown. I'm a natural blonde, and have been trying to grow out my hair for afew months, but lastnight I realised I havent dyed my hair properly in about 7 months. So, since I broke up with my last boyfriend. Usually I change my hair every three months, so I think it's time for a change.

Now's the perfect time to do it. And hopefully I can get something out of Chloe tonight.
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10 February 2010 @ 01:01 pm
Helloo shitty week.

Anyone expecting a Valentine this year?
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31 January 2010 @ 10:11 pm

K, so I havent been on much lately because not a lot of things have been happening to me lately. Everything's finally starting to settle down. Another reason is because Quinton recently got his licence, so we've been out driving pritty much every night.

The most interesting thing that's happened lately would have to be lastnight/thismorning. It's not really THAT interesting, it didn't even happen to me. Lastnight, I went to bed. I got an hour's sleep, before being woken up by a phone call from Quinton's phone at 1 am. Quinton had gone out drinking with some mates so that he could stay awake, because he had to start nightshift and he can't sleep during the day unless he really has to. Anyway, the guy on the phone wasn't Quinton. It was some guy called David, who I'd never met before, saying Quinton had been hurt , and could I go to the hospital. I said sure, got changed into proper clothes and went to wait outside my house so they could come get me.

I hadnt been given any information, and as soon as I got into the car I saw Quinton in the front passenger seat, shirtless, trying to breath. At this point I thought he'd been in an accident and broken a rib or an arm or something, and as soon as he knew I was in the car he grabbed my hand and wouldnt let go. I didnt even get to put on a seatbelt. We got to the emergency room and he struggled to get out of the car. I still didnt know what had happened or even the exstence of his injury's untill we got him inside and admited. Me and the girl who drove the car, Emma, had to sit in the waiting room for about half an hour untill Quinton asked to see me.

I've never seen someone's face so covered in blood. Seriously. His top lip, and bottem lip were completely busted cause he'd been kicked in the head multiple times, gums bleeding, inside of his mouth shredded from his teeth, blood all over his ears and face, jaw completely swallon, cuts all over his hands, elbows, side and feet from tripping while running away from the two fucktards that decided they hated his brother and went after him instead. One of them punched in him the mouth and knocked a tooth loose, and the other tried to hit him for abit but everyone Quinton was with shouted at him to bail so he ran like fuck, lost his shoes and tripped partway just to get to a safe place. The second guy was apparently on ice and ran after him, caught up to him, and ripped into him. Somehow Quinton managed to call David and Emma while he was running, and when they turned up the guy bailed.

Quinton couldnt move much, and the nurses were busy, and the other two were filling out paper work so I was given a tub of soapy water and asked to clean him up the best I could. I finally got the blood and dirt off his face and cuts, and he looked like shit still. David came in and said they couldnt go to the police to make a statement untill the morning because Quinton had had afew to drink and he needed to be sober, so they hooked him up to some fluids and made him stay for afew hours. David and Emma went home, so I stayed at the hospital with him untill he was released at 6.30 in the morning. I didnt get a wink of sleep because a) apparently I cant sleep in hospitals, and b) we were still in the emergency room area so alot of people were coming in. Quinton passed out for 5 hours.

I went home, slept for 4 hours, and headed to Chloe's at 10.30. Didnt hear from Quinton untill about 4 in the afternoon. Apparently he'd gone home to clean up and gone to the police, and the second guy had come into confess about everything. It's all bullshit, cause he ended up violating his parol (this is what I've been told, forgive me if it's wrong I cant retain much information at the moment) half an hour after he got out, bragged about everything on facebook, and threatened Quinton and his brother. The guy now has court on Wednesday cause he's dont a whole heap of shit and stuff.

Quinton doesnt look too bad at the moment. He cant eat much cause of his mouth, and he's going to the dentist tomorrow. I'm just glad he's ...okay enough. He seriously had me worried, and I made him promise not to let me see him like that ever again.

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13 January 2010 @ 12:10 pm

My sister and I have looked into three places. The first one, we didnt have a chance, the second one (I found out later) got given to my boyfriend's brother and miss's, and the third one we almost got but the owners chose someone else cause really, who's gonna give a place to a twenty year old with a seventeen year old. Rent is super high too. For a bedsit, it's about $500. We can only just afford that if we starved ourselves enough.

Quinton's looking for a place. He found a one bedroom apartment thing down the street from one of the pubs, and he's thinking about getting that if he can, but I doubt they're gonna give it to him cause he's only eighteen. Guhh. It would be great if he did get it, cause I could move in with him and walk five minutes to work. I've had to turn down the past three shifts cause they called me in after my sister just left for work and I'd have half an hour to get dressed, find my clothes and walk forty minutes to work. I'm not real keen to get lost either cause I dont know this area of town AT ALL. All I know is how to get from Chloe's house, to Chris's house, to Caltex and back again.

Quinton wants to buy his own house. When he does get his own house, he wants me to move in with him, and Chris said he's move in, and cause Chris will be moving in, Chloe's gonna move in, and cause I'm gonna be moving in, my sister's gotta move in too cause she doesnt earn enough to pay rent on her own. It all works out if you think about it, but who's gonna give a house to two eighteen year olds, two seventeen year olds, and a twenty year old? I doubt we have much of a chance.

Oh yeah, and incase you havent figured it out, I've been dating Quinton for a month, and Chloe and Chris like each other and are sort of together but Chris is on a five week holiday so Chloe complains alot.
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12 January 2010 @ 11:28 am
Hiiiii. I'm alive. Things are going okay right now. They're not the best, but they're okay.

My parents left town on Saturday, so I'm living with my sister in a house owned by some guy called Brian or something, and his dog. It's not too bad, it's a place to sleep. We've been living here for three days. It's good cause it's within walking distance to Chloe's house and kinda Quinton's house, but it's bad cause it's at the other side of town so I cant walk to work anymore.

We dont spend alot of time at the house. My sister usually goes to her boyfriends, and I get dropped off at Quinton's or Chloe's house. We're still looking for a place to live, somewhere closer to the shops so I can get to work. Quinton's also looking for his own place. He can actualy afford to live on his own... stupid boilor maker apprentice... So hopefully when he get's his own place I can move in with him, and my sister can go with her boyfriend or something. I donno, we're still figuring things out.
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05 January 2010 @ 10:36 am
It would seem that once something finally goes right, something else goes wrong.

I graduate school, my dad's work decides to close.

I get a boyfriend, dad finds a job in Perth.

My sister decides to stay and applies for apartments, everything is out of our price range.

I become social, parents threaten to move me unless I get a job.

Five applications and two interviews, I don't get a job.

I finally get a job, the apartment my sister applied for was given to my boyfriends brother, and the people that have offered to house us dont want me. Also, my sister has decided she hates her job and wants to quite, but the housing people is one of my sister's workmates so if she does quite we're not sure how they're gonna take it and they might kick us out.

So, I've got a job, but in two days I'm homeless. Fantastic.
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01 January 2010 @ 01:10 am
Happy new year.

Not a great start, but oh well.
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21 December 2009 @ 07:19 pm

I love rain. We hardly ever get rain, unless there's a cyclone around (which there is, but it's not going to hit us unfortunatly.. but it's gonna hang around untill Christmas, so yay!) It's been raining on and off for about three days now, which is great, cause it hadnt rained for months untill now.

The first day, Saturday, it was thundery and lighteningy and like patches of grey clouds. And we get very excited by clouds here. Especially grey clouds. Thunder and lightning, not so much, cause we get weird little storms that dont make it over the hills, THE GAY FAGS. I love the hills, cause they're pritty and such, but they're high enough and in a little group that nothing really makes it over them. But whenever we see the slightest cloud cover, "Oh I do hope it rains." Haha.

Anyway, the first day we were at Chris's house swimming in his pool and it started to spit, so we got out cause Chris's little sister was freaking out about the lightning and such and didnt want to be a loner so she made us all get out ~sadface. The was pritty, and I stood at the window just watching it all and getting cuddled by Quinton. It was a nice moment. Raaain.

The second day, we were at the beach cause it was cloudy but not... you know? We decided to go home to Chris's cause he had to get a car for his dad or something, and just when we were washing ourselves off at the shower it started to spit. Quinton got a cool picture of it raining only over a powerplant in the distance. It's a pritty damn cool photo. After that he lay down on my lap and I watched the rain out the window. Have I mentioned I love to watch rain?

And now, the whole reason for this entry is that it just started to rain. I looked out the window to see the sun reflecting off the hills, so half the sky was red. It was beautiful.
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