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21 December 2009 @ 12:41 pm
So, who remember's me?

I havent been on much lately cause I've become quite social. Like, very social. I got a boyfriend, and have been hanging out with either Laura or Chloe or the boyfriend, who's Quinton by the way.

...Most of the time I'm just with Quinton...

So yeah, hi! I'm not dead.
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08 December 2009 @ 12:47 pm

Anyone heard this guy? Cause if you haven't, shame on you. He's amazing.
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06 December 2009 @ 05:28 pm

Green Day was fucking amazing.
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01 December 2009 @ 11:19 pm


Oh, and breakfast with Quinton was a bust. He pritty much fell asleep in the car going home from nightshift. I told him it would happen. Silly boy.
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29 November 2009 @ 11:52 pm
I'm having breakfast with Quinton on Tuesday.

I honestly don't know if it's a date. I don't even know if I want to date him. Thing's are complicated with him. My best friend dated him two years ago, and he cheated on her. She's hated him ever since. Then, at the start of this year, something happened and Quinton tried to bash my best friend's boyfriend cause apparently she'd been spreading rumour or something and he couldn't hit her so he went for the boyfriend.

Also, he gets around town alot. And we're only a small town. Chloe's told me he doesnt really treat girls very well, but he's been getting better. He used to be off the walls. I've known him since I moved to town. He used to be in my english class lastyear. Didnt do much, pritty much failed it untill he persuaded me to do half of his assinments, or atleast help him. I'm too much of a nice person.

I dont know what I'm gonna do, or what's gonna happen.

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26 November 2009 @ 01:29 am
So tonight was pritty fun night. For the past few days I've been trying to persuade my parents to let me go out with my friends, which worked. Yay! So tonight, my friends picked me up and took me fourwheel driving. At night. Seriously, its scary as fuck, but it's so much fun.

We were hanging out afew days ago at the park, when my friend Chloe said "I've always wanted to climb Radio Hill." (It's a series of rock hills that sorrounds our town. Very hard to get to. Also the reason why we dont get alot of rain.) I told Chloe I'd been up there before, and the view was amazing. Here, have some tiny town by daylight.

Anyway, my other mate we were hanging with, Quinton, asked us what we were doing Wednesday. We said nothing, and he said he'd take us to see the view at night. We said okay, and I thought nothing of it untill Chloe texted me yesterday asking if I was still up for it. I also recieved a text from Quinton this morning asking me if I was allowed to go, then telling me it was off because his friend Chris had to do chores and "chores come first." He then called me an hour later saying he'd figured the chores out with Chris and he'd see me later.

Then I got a text from Chloe around six o'clock saying "wear a blue shirt!" I asked why, and half an hour later they all turned up wearing a t-shirt a shade of blue. Riiight. They kidnapped me, and took me driving. After three wrong turns, we finally got to McDonalds drivethrough to order me dinner, and Quinton bet Chloe twenty bucks to ask if they sold Jim Bean. The guy who served us was pretty funny and said no, but the guy two ahead of us had a bottle. Me and Quinton were joking around and said "screw dinner, lets go find him!" But we'd have to wait to get out. Chris nearly took off without the drinks.

Chloe's a nutcase in a car. We were going over some speed bumps in the parking lot, and she started annotating the different cars or something. She's a very strange girl, but I love her to death. We parked awkwardly at KFC (seriously, we were in like three different spaces) and went stood outside for twenty minutes while Quinton went to talk to someone through a car window, and Chloe was talking to some other chick for awhile. We finally went inside, and had to stand in line for awhile. Chloe started freaking out about how her camera display had these weird lines through it (did I mention she was taking pictures of me every chance she got? I'm very blind at the moment.), and Quinton poked me with a straw for awhile. We finally left, after another ten minutes, Chloe freaking out about losing her bank card (which I said she left in the car, which I was right about), changing her drink order twice, and me breaking Quinton's straw. My chips were cold, but we rocked out to some techno while we ate, and people waited for our parking spot.

Then we went to Caltex so the boys could buy some drink for someone related to Chris, so me and Chloe were abandend and left to rock out to Green Day for awhile. We went to whoever's house, and nearly left Quinton behind cause he was talking too long. He ended up chasing the car down and climbing through the window. Then we finally went to a dirt road, which led to another dirt road, and Chris and Quinton changed seats. The second they got out of the car, Chloe turned to me and said "this is where the fun part starts." I got a little scared. Quinton's a bit of a reckless driver. He took us up some pritty tight slopes, which was scary as fuck, and we bounced around heads cause of how rocky the tracks were. All of this in compleate black might I remind you. In total, we saw three kangaroo's, two halfs of two compleatly different boats, a burnt out caravan trailer, a couple of matresses, tiers, and something in a bush.

We finally made it up to the top (which was a pritty fun, bouncy ride, with us all shouting along to 'Bonkers' by Dizzee Rascal and smashing our heads on the windows), and the view was amazing. I'd show a picture, but Quinton nearly tackled me off the edge when I tried to take a picture with my phone. It's his spot, he doesnt want anyone else to see it. Sorry! No need to nearly kill me dear. Seriously. Everything was pitch black, and lit up. It was beautiful. Who knew my little town could pack that.

We were about to head to the main road when Quinton saw a incredibly steep road, and tried to go up it. We started sliding backwards half way, so we gave up, and tried to reverse down it. Big no no. At this point, I reminded the boys that I was quite happy living, and didnt exactly want to die. Chris had to get out and direct which way to go so we didn't flip the car. There was one point where we were slipping backwards, and Chris was yelling "turn harder, harder!" and Chloe moaned "harder!". I pissed myself. Chloe also begged Chris to pick up a rock for her so she could remember the whole adventure, but I dont think she ever got one.

We kind of didnt have anything to do, so Quinton and Chris swapped back, and then Chloe wanted to sit up front cause it was boring from the back, so I got stuck with Quinton. Which wasnt a bad thing, but he's very loud, and kinda handsy. But hey, its okay cause he's entertaining when he's drunk (which thank god he wasn't), and I like playing with his hair. Anyway, we decided to go down another dirt path we'd found, which lead us to more dirt, and left turns. Apparently Quinton thought he knew where he was going, but suddenly we found a fence with signs posted on it that apparently only I noticed, and we ended up in an airfield of the airport. We got the fuck out of there.

We drove half an hour out to one of the powerstations where there's some pritty good bush and beach, and nearly got bogged thanks to Quinton. But hey, its nearly 1.30 in the morning to I'm gonna leave it at that. Though I will say that I got a (very surprising) kiss at the end of the night, and a text confession from Quinton that he likes me. I unfortunatly wasn't the first person to read it, I was getting a drink when I heard my phone go off, and my sister yelling "I knew it!" I went back to my room to see my sister sitting on my bed, and she said she checked my phone cause she though I might've left something in the car. Thanks sis, thanks alot.
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24 November 2009 @ 06:23 pm
I'm feeling particularly badass today, snacking on armonds and listening to Backstreet Boys.

Ooooh yeah, it's been a good day.
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20 November 2009 @ 05:24 pm
I'm feeling quite sad right now. So, I graduated a month ago (and still dont have a proper job, might I add), and that's yay, great and all, but I've only lived in this little town for three years, and we're a very fly in/ fly out town, so most of my friends moved, so I didn't really make a big deal out of it. Plus, I had like forty people in my class, and I wasn't exactly the most popular person ever.

Meanwhile, all my friends from my old town graduated lastnight. I'm incredibly happy for them, cause yay, they graduated! I'm also incredibly sad cause I wish I was graduating with them. I've know some of them since primary school. And I've missed them alot since I moved. And its hard cause I miss them, and they miss me, and I only get to see them once a year whenever we go visit family, and I hardly saw them when we did go visit 'cause they had school and I... got to go shopping...

So yeah, I'm sad. Here, have a map of our distance. I'm A, they're B.

Also, I had this really terrible dream last night that my dog died. No idea why he died, but he did. Plus all of my "B" friends were in it... they had my dog for some reason. So were all my friends that have moved... So yeah, because of all this, I woke up crying, and have been incredibly sad all day. I've got 'Free Falling' by John Mayer, and 'Hold On' by JoBro's on repeat so I can feel better.

Stupid dog, why'd you have to die...
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19 November 2009 @ 08:08 pm
So, last night I actually watched the news, which is something I never do (cause I'm seventeen, and what teenager watches the news? Then again, what seventeen year old watches an increadibly unhealthy amount of Disney Channel?). And right now, the main subjects in the media are a. the Scientology fiasco and b. New Moon. There is only one of these subjects I am actually interested in, and that's Scientology (I'm not religious in the slightest, but hey, a religion that talks about being decendants of alians, whats not facinating about that?).

Sorry Twilight fans, but I'm not interested at all. It's not because I dont like reading, or dont like vampires. Infact, I love to read, and I love vampire books and movies. I've read all the books in The Southern Vampire Mysteries/ aka Sookie Stackhouse Chronicles/ aka the book series True Blood is based off (which is like nine or ten), and one of my favourite movies ever is Underworld. Getting into too much detail, and alittle off topic now...

But yeah, I just honestly don't want to touch the books, or see the new movie. And hey, bonus, my town doesnt have a cinema! Awesome! That mean's I don't have to deal with seeing advertisment and excetera, I do however have to deal with about ninety percent of my facebook friends bitching and moaning about how much they want to see the new movie but caaannnttt. (This includes my mother and sister.)

Off topic again.

I woke up this morning in time to actually watch Sunrise (the morning news/talk show) aannnd guess what I saw. More Scientology, more New Moon, and something about more Victorian bushfires. (Seriously, Victoria, what the fuck? You'd think you'd learnt from last year...). And then suddenly some American Hollywood celebrity watcher dude starts shouting at me "GUESS WHICH TWEEN CELEBRETY DOESNT LIKE TWILIGHT!!!"

Miley Cyrus.

Congratulations girly, I just gained a tad more respect for you.

And sorry if anyone takes offence to this because you a, like Twilight/New Moon/whatevs b, are religious c, like Miley Cyrus d, are a scientologyst or e, are Victorian.
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19 November 2009 @ 12:24 pm

Can I just say just how much I love this video? I love it, alot. Really, alot.

Here's some reasons why:
- I would kill to go to a Jonas Brothers concert. I became a fan when JONAS came out in May (5th, don't ask me why I remember the exact date it aired, I just do), and just about died when I found out they wern't coming to my country. Seriously, who plans a world tour and doesn't come to Australia?! We're not that small! So yes, this video shows me everything I got to miss. *sobsob*

- It shows everything, and everyone. By this I mean, everyone gets the same amount of stage time. Maybe I dont mean that... but, y'know?

- It's them. The real them. Doing what they love. Not them acting, or them in interviews with rehursed answers and stuff. Its... them.

And now for my favourite clips:
- First off, Nick on the piano. Auggh. I love watching Nick playing stuff, especially the drums. Seriously.

- Kevin's not so inconspicuous sneeze, and then he's straight back to playing. Makes me laugh every time.

- Joe on the keyboard. Cause you never see him playing, and he's just so happy.

- Kevin on the floor with the mini piano. Seriously, cute. And everyone's laughing at him. I've seen the actual clip, it was a prank with their stage hands or something. And Kevin actually plays it!

- Nick's "watch me" finger point thingo at Joe. Joe must have messed up earlier in the show or something. Mister Serious.

- Nick's stack from the flips. And he gets up all trying to play it off and be all smooth. And then Kevin comes and does an awesome backflip WITH HIS GUITAR, all smuglike. Ha ha Nick, ha ha.

- Kevin's weird hip shake thing. He like "bah, I donno" and walks off.

- Nick bowing. Its like "What the fuck are you doing?" and he's all "Pff, whatever." Strange boy.

- Garbo running away from tamberine girl. (Forgive me if its not Garbo, I still can't tell who's who in the band...)

- Nick and Joe killing the drum set.

- Kevin and the Lovebug rain scene. It's so sweet.

- And lastly, Joe "falling" at the end of the concert. Nick's face.

Okay, I'm done.
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